Message from a SULSAR Member

Message from a SULSAR Member

14th May 2021 Article 0

A message from a SULSAR member – Be more like Christine?

I had the pleasure of walking with an amazing woman last year, it was only for a short while, a couple of miles or so but enough for me to discover what an amazing person she was.

Christine had a friend who suffered poor mental health so Christine phoned her friend every day, twice a day for over 2 years. Sometimes Just simple short phone calls, ‘hi it’s me am just checking in how are you today’, and others were longer conversations between friends.

We have to remember people with poor mental health might not pick up the phone to call us for quite simple reasons. They may not have the courage to pick up the phone, the confidence that we will be there or the conviction that actually we will put our lives on hold for however long it takes to chat with them.

Similarly, if we think someone is reaching out to us on Facebook rather than sharing a post please don’t just click on ‘like’ or say you’re always there ‘just call me’ or send a text ‘always here for you mate’.

Sometimes we just need to take the initiative and pick up the phone ourselves and call them.

If we really want to make a difference – Be more like Christine.