Every second counts!

Every second counts!

14th November 2018 SULSAR 0

Recently SuLSAR had its AGM to vote in the new committee and to sum up the year that has just gone by. Part of that report summed up the amount of time we as a team have contributed to the Suffolk Community. Firstly we went through the training.

To stay on the current call out list each member must maintain the high standards, by attending a certain number of training session in a given period. The demand on the volunteers and their families is high. In the last year to date the team of SuLSAR Volunteers has completed a total of 4534 hours of training. This breaks down to 566.27 working days, or 113.35 working weeks. This is a huge time commitment from the team and goes to show the commitment the team shows to the county of Suffolk.

BUT beyond that there are live callouts. These happen at all times of the day and night. The majority of calls this year came in between 1800hrs and 2100hrs. The next biggest times were early mornings around 0600hrs.

The team has been out searching for the vulnerable across Suffolk for 4032 hours year to date. This breaks down to  504 working days or 100.8 working weeks.  For an individual to achieve all the training and callouts would take over 4 years.

No member receives anything for giving up their time to train and search. We assist Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk Fire Service completely for free. Although we are completely self funded and receive no funding from government level we maintain a 100% Professional Service to assist, as the search and rescue specialists in Suffolk.

We are on call for the Constabulary, Fire Service and more importantly you the Suffolk Community  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.