Help needed for our new HQ

Help needed for our new HQ

8th October 2018 SULSAR 0

Why we are asking for your help!

The SULSAR team has tripled over the last two years but so has the equipment to be stored, in the past members stored kit and equipment at their homes and where we could e.g. the search and rescue van was stored at the local Sugar beet factory! …… This doesn’t work anymore and a local business man came to our rescue and offered SULSAR  land to construct a storage building on at a reasonable land rental cost.

SULSAR have also been donated a building that has now been erected on the land and many of the team members have been working on what is just a basic shell, with your help we hope to complete the building and get it fitted out with all the utilities connected also, the electricity connection alone is £7000. Please help us!

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Win tickets to the Anniversary Ball

At the end of the crowdfunding project all the people who have pledged will have their names placed into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the SULSAR 20th anniversary Ball, this is to be held at The Bull Inn, Barton Mills, Suffolk on Friday 7th December 2018. Tickets worth £100 ….If you can not attend the Ball but win the tickets then we will give you the £100 instead!